Henry by Fiona Roberton


Loves Spot, building robots, skateboarding, fishing, magic tricks, astronomy, and Star Wars. One day, he will go to the moon.


Loves being invisible, hiding peoples keys, moving things when no-ones looking. Peeping.

Spot by Fiona Roberton


Loves Henry, disguises, chess, ping pong, going to the movies, watching the sunrise and sunset, and flying. One day, he will also go to the moon.

Anna by Fiona Roberton


Loves Fang, visiting her Grandma, long walks in the woods, knitting, and wild animals. Has recently discovered the joys of Naked Time, thanks to her new friend Fang.

Dog by Fiona Roberton


Loves absolutely everything, because he's a dog. But he especially likes skateboarding, magic tricks, sniffing things, and chasing cats.

Cuckoo by Fiona Roberton


Loves everyone who can speak his language, and actually everyone who can't too, because he's a lovely little bird like that.

Fang by Fiona Roberton


Is not as beastly as he looks. In fact he is surprisingly fluffy. His favourite thing is NAKED TIME! And also climbing trees, warm hats, crispy fresh spiders and hanging upside down.


Loves music, painting, pink fluffy things, fluffy pink things, sparkly fluffy pink things, and all her BFFs.